19 April 2011


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04 June 2009

Vote for BePaSa!!!

Well! The electional atyachar is over. We have got a stable govt, an upmoving arrow in sensex and hmmm.....and wHaT? Partner for a better India? promise of more compromise? or not another atyachar before 5 years?

Whatever...That day, I was having tea in a street side tea stall with my friend, people around were quite happy as it was the day of first rain in the season in Gurgaon. People were discussing politics, election, films and girls in light manner and we two were minding our own business with glasses of tea and chhota goldflake...Suddenly the thought came into my mind...WHAT ACTUALLY PEOPLE WANT? what exactly they are looking for? What is it? ...Is it power? is it food? or what?

When I made my friend exposed to the question he stared at me with a perplexed look for a few moment and replied..."hmmm.. I am not sure about everybody but what I am looking for is Bipasha...". As his obsession for Bips was not new to me...I just gave a simle to him and said godluck. "No Man! I realy do!" he was loud enough to drag the attention...he continued "This Bipasha is not that Bipasha..this is BiPaSa..Bi for Bijli(electricity), Pa for pani(water) and Sa for none other than Sarak(road)!..itz my love, my requirements and my entity..." he kept on adding masala in his explanation and we started walking towards our office...

In the evening...after returning from another hackneyed and tiresome day, I switched on the light of my room as I unlocked the door. With the clicking sound of switch, my sole room mate, came out from the back of my hanging suit, gave me a look for a few seconds and took position near the light peacefully. I asked him "Hey Bro, what you want? What you are looking for?" He gave a thought and replied lazily.."BePaSa!...Be for Beetle, Pa for Paddy Skimmer and Sa for Sawfly!"

[Say Hii! to my Sole room mate]

11 January 2009

SATYAM: Fall of a bang bang truck!

Father: Son, tell me...how would you describe a man who do not look at his left and right, not even care about others around him …just keep going on his way…??
Son: (after scratching head with two or three strokes) hmmm…is it a TRUCK DRIVER?

Our hired cab (Tata Indigo I remember) was running towards New Delhi Railway station. It was sunny afternoon of mid January and we all were little worried about our own business for some reason and other. Suddenly a truck came from behind and over took us with a killing approach (or I should say a killing ada)…our cab stopped suddenly leaving two long black scratches on the National Highway.

Co incidentally, it was another afternoon of January, it was another cab on the same National Highway when we were discussing the Satyam fraud case…And ironically trucks were overtaking smaller vehicles like ours with the same spirit.

“No driver in India has any road sense.”

Very true….irrespective of the seat he occupies…irrespective of the vehicle he is controlling… every driver carries the dream to be a truck driver some day…genetically perhaps!

The driver of Satyam was not an exception. The dream of careless driving and overtaking one after another has brought him at end edge of the world.

The world is flat after all.

According to experts, the huge fraud could have been done through numerous stages of invoicing and transactions with unknown overseas entities.

The billing would have inflated sales and this could in turn inflate debtors. Moreover, the payment may have been received from the entities and this could have been reversed through hawala.
What ever may be the reason…the fact is that another accident has taken place…another driver is in police custody.
But is this the driver who is sole responsible for the accident? Do authority, auditors have no role to play in pre-accident scenario? If yes! then who is going to pay for their callousness??

The current hoax involving Satyam Computer Services Ltd isn’t the first to thump India’s software industry, although the degree of the accounting fraud to which Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju has confessed may be unprecedented for the country.
In the precedent decade, companies such as DSQ Software Ltd, Pentasoft Technologies Ltd and Pentamedia Graphics Ltd have collapsed amid scandals over insider trading and other corporate malpractices.
What lesson have we learned from the past? Nothing!

In the case of Satyam, the fraud was detected as early as in October by an employee of Kotak Securities during the the analyst interaction, organised after Satyam's second quarter earnings of 2008-09. The analyst conference call was addressed by chairman Ramalinga Raju, CFO Srinivas Vadlamani and Ram Mynampati, member of the board, who is now the acting CEO.


During the previous fraud cases, SW/IT was not so exposed to customers and the collapsed companies were small enough to cause havoc to entire economy…unfortunately, because of that only we kept our eyes half closed and let this to happen with huge degree of effect.
Now what next? Some new lay, more scrutinize? Or a series of mea culpa from other Indian companies about similar doings…???

Whatever may be the result…What I have learned is that, all the typical truck drivers are equally vulnerable from their BACK where they have colorfully written
And perhaps "Z....Z.....Z....Z...Z" is also written some where in between their colorfull art work! (Hands on heart....I havn't seen yet!)

[A must read: 'The Satyam fraud: welcome to incredible India' -by Sam Varghese]

[Pics are stollen as per industry practice]

01 January 2009


hi friends,

I'm back...

My last post was on terror and these days people are actually have enough materials to write an epic on terrorism. But the ultimate question is who will be the hero of that saga?#

# Answer is in the process....delay regreted.

Almost three months have gone since my last post in this blog and world has witnessed hell lot of events during this periods. We have witnessed an economy meltdown. we have smoked bunch of cigarets with our jobless friends discussing about economy and our social system which is always bad and we are just another victim. We have digested lot of tips about how to make our existing job safe (read 'how to butter our boss'). We have caught the pain of victims of the Koshi river tragedy of Bihar. We have drunk liters of tea discussing how we can uplift our state by working in the same line of Maharashtra Nava Nirman Sena. Then suddenly we became couch potatoes and watched US Election and then our state assmbly election....Mean while I personally have spent good amount of time in Indian International Trade Fair and enjoyed lots of spicy and nonveg foods in different states pavilions...Was it a food curnival? No way!

Then again terrorism....this time Mumbai again.
Now this is the time to get used to it...terrorism is our guy next door. Mumbai terror attack has answered a lots of question...in my last post..some where a question was hidden...mumbai I think answered that question to some extent....

The question is simply what was attacked? was it a heritage railway station? A heritage five star hotel? The question is again who are the victim? Ratan tata? Mumbai cops?daily passangers of mumbai railway? Class one citizen of India? or those foreigners?
Do one thing...ask these questions to the guy sitting next to you in bus or train and try to figure out the answer....
My new post in this new year day has already become enogh boring....shall we change the tpoic?
I bet....

keep visiting I'll come back soon....

21 September 2008

Terror Past Se7en: is being in 3rd world another sin?

One week is over after Delhi serial blast. Two suspects and one officer are down. 25 families are silent in sorrow and lakhs are still panicked. I can recall the very next working day after the serial blast. It was Monday and normal life was a distance dream in the capital. In the morning when I stepped down from the bus I found a little different CP. Few more police and security personnel were standing here and there, new barricades, metal detectors and tensed faces were every corner. Street children with rose and other flowers in their hand were standing at crossing. They also seemed to reluctant to run after cars to catch some customers for their flowers. The day was cloudy and everything was looking very dull. As I approached towards my office at Caunght Lane through the market, I found the hawkers are in action. It helped me to relax to some extent when I found a few hawkers known to me by face are in same mood. They were calling customers like they are doing from their childhood days, some dull faced foreigners (white skinned people) were watching the merchandise from a distance and we office goers were rushing towards our office. One school going girl was pulling her mother and forcing her to walk in a zigzag manner. While walking through the market I was thinking that who is afraid of terror? Suddenly a sound came from somewhere… some birds start flying from nearby trees and buildings creating noise ….the girl hold her mother’s hand with a stiff fist. …Hawkers stopped their job and started looking here and there…everyone’s ear was trying to listen something…every eye was trying to locate the spiraling smoke in some corner nearby…all these reaction took place within some fraction of seconds…NO! It was not a bomb. A Sudden thunderclaps was the cause of the sound and as we all realized the truth we started breathing … hawkers started joking at each other as how panic the other person’s face was…one said that god is also making fun of us. I started walking normally again with the crowd and some sense of realization was bugging in my head…is it really our spirit which bringing us out of our home after the deadly blast or it is some kind of helplessness? Can we really do anything by staying apart from the blast sites…every soul is afraid of the blast from their inner side but reluctant to show that…every soul is ready to hold her mother’s hand with a stiff fist but not ready to accept that... we all are equally innocent and helpless in front of any similar terrorist attack…It is more of our economic status than spirit which pulling us out of our home. Every time any terror attack take places in 3rd world country everybody talks about spirit but when the same terror strikes some develop country world start calculating the effect of that in global economy and politics. Being a citizen of this 3rd world do we have any other option than showing our spirit? Suddenly my eyes went to the middle aged newspaper vendor sitting next to a pull of garbage. When I asked why he is sitting next to garbage he replied ‘’by escaping we can make our life safe not our livelihood.’’

06 September 2008

Cross-Road: The spirit of the times!

India has got the nod of NSG, the cry for trade is becoming louder gradually, and politicians are ready to shade some more agricultural land to have trade hub in their state. India is no doubt in a cross road. At the end point of NDA government last time same smell of feel good was there is the air which took no time to turnout into a foul smell…and the NDA's strategy makers took almost two years later on to grab the exact chemistry behind the changeover in the smell….anyway, let those politicians mind their business…they have a lot these days indeed, we better look at some other think which are of our mutual interest.

Now, education is for all…every thing is reserved (thank to Aj ka Arjun)…no problem….just come and sit in the classroom if you wish....Kam Karo to Jugad Kam karo!

Student lifestyle is also in the cross road…

FU#$ING! ROCKING! lifestyle has been unbounded from engineering hostels to every nuke and corner of tire 1, 2, 3 cities…Every where funfood and fast track (Read out of track) lifestyle has become an important attribute of higher education. That is the Spirit of the times! Everybody is equal now…hu says that communism has no base in india??...OK! No politics….Sorry!

For India, this Olympics was exceptional too. Since independence this is the first summer Olympics where we have managed to grab 3 medals in three different events. Shooting, Boxing and wrestling are the buzz words in current Indian sport arena. Not liking these sports???!!!…ELACH KARA APNA!

The cricket crazy nation was little down (I used to think so…’used to’ mind it!) when Indian hockey team was disqualified for Beijing Olympics. But at the end of the summer events everybody is quite happy with the fact that we have successfully managed the 50th position in Beijing Olympics with one gold and two bronzes. The Beijing Olympics have truly been the Olympics of good hope. Men who already had striking performances, but were always on the outer circle of Indian sport have suddenly come in to the limelight.

Sport friendly ambiance and athlete nurturing system is always a distance dream for India. When all other participating countries start next Olympic strategy making from the very next day of closing ceremony, our fight on the question of transparency on the candidate selection keep going on for next three years or even longer. It is nothing but the personal positive forces which lead our Olympic stars towards their success. They have exhibited their sportsmanship while being a part of the system and making it friendly. Boxer Vijender Kumar who won a bronze in the middleweight category found the system not so bad stating that if the system was so bad, then they wouldn't have done well. Keeping this spirit up we hope that in the next summer Olympic we will perform much better. While our economy is being counted for next global power house we must try to give Indian sport a new age where nothing would be impossible….Yah! we should and we will no doubt…Statistically, just after Abhinav Bindra’s success Punjab, Haryana have experience a radical increase in the sales figure of gun!!!


*[God may give peace to the souls of those victims of Delhi’s bike shooter and save those endangered Black Deer ]