12 June 2008

Who is in Stake? Arushi Talwar, Balaji Tele film or humanity??

Today, during lunch break we were talking with one of our journalist friends who have just joined our organization. Being a journalist since he was in class 11, he was enthusiastically talking about his second article which was about the evaporating humanity from our societal sphere. His story was evolving around two little boys one of them was begging for help in some highway as his mother was seriously ill and another boy was fighting in a running car with his father who did not stopped to help the first poor boy and his mother….
It was a really touching story and at the end we all agreed that humanity is surely endangered. Take the example of recent case of Arushi Talwar. We all wish to have a doctor in a family to ensure healthy living of the members….but in spite of being the only child of doctor parents Arushi’s life was not safe in her very own home….who killed her? How the killer reached to her?...everyday media is splashing light in the case from a different angle…. ‘Arushi has become a good source of business to these news papers and news channels…..these journalists are too much’- argued one of my architect colleagues. ‘Hmmm….the crime programs and news channels are getting good TRP these days …itz all about business sense…events keeps on happening….difference is that whether you can tap them or not…’ delivered on of us in a very light mood. Correct to some extent…no matter any news channel is covering the Arushi case or not…we hardly can deny the fact that we all have witnessed this unfortunate event. But what Balaji Telefilm is doing is just like another mishap. They have adopted Arushi murder case in their supper hit and lifebuoy type never ending TV serial “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki”. Though the Balaji authority is denying the fact after The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has issued a notice to them asking them not to make any adaptation of the Arushi Talwar murder case there are many clear evidences of the accused adaptation.

I have stolen one of these evidences from IBN Live’s site for you people. In the left hand, there is tthe piture of our real life victim of cruelty and the right hand picture is just an example of business sense, tapping the event. Please give a close look at the picture and think for a while that whether there is any adaptation or not…your thinking must not stop there…try to find any linking with the adaptation of the real case with reel representation, mainly the name of the serial…is this adaptation (if it is there) indicating the future occurrences of similar type of cruel events in our society? Is this adaptation indicating our decaying moral values and respect towards humanity? …I know the answers…we all know the answers... But still we try to find some good words to hide the truth…we keep saying some practical words to hide our face..like …”no body is safe in this world”…”you should stick to your means of living”….”we can not change the world”…or we just remain silent like the father of the second boy of the story of my dear friend.