04 June 2009

Vote for BePaSa!!!

Well! The electional atyachar is over. We have got a stable govt, an upmoving arrow in sensex and hmmm.....and wHaT? Partner for a better India? promise of more compromise? or not another atyachar before 5 years?

Whatever...That day, I was having tea in a street side tea stall with my friend, people around were quite happy as it was the day of first rain in the season in Gurgaon. People were discussing politics, election, films and girls in light manner and we two were minding our own business with glasses of tea and chhota goldflake...Suddenly the thought came into my mind...WHAT ACTUALLY PEOPLE WANT? what exactly they are looking for? What is it? ...Is it power? is it food? or what?

When I made my friend exposed to the question he stared at me with a perplexed look for a few moment and replied..."hmmm.. I am not sure about everybody but what I am looking for is Bipasha...". As his obsession for Bips was not new to me...I just gave a simle to him and said godluck. "No Man! I realy do!" he was loud enough to drag the attention...he continued "This Bipasha is not that Bipasha..this is BiPaSa..Bi for Bijli(electricity), Pa for pani(water) and Sa for none other than Sarak(road)!..itz my love, my requirements and my entity..." he kept on adding masala in his explanation and we started walking towards our office...

In the evening...after returning from another hackneyed and tiresome day, I switched on the light of my room as I unlocked the door. With the clicking sound of switch, my sole room mate, came out from the back of my hanging suit, gave me a look for a few seconds and took position near the light peacefully. I asked him "Hey Bro, what you want? What you are looking for?" He gave a thought and replied lazily.."BePaSa!...Be for Beetle, Pa for Paddy Skimmer and Sa for Sawfly!"

[Say Hii! to my Sole room mate]