06 September 2008

Cross-Road: The spirit of the times!

India has got the nod of NSG, the cry for trade is becoming louder gradually, and politicians are ready to shade some more agricultural land to have trade hub in their state. India is no doubt in a cross road. At the end point of NDA government last time same smell of feel good was there is the air which took no time to turnout into a foul smell…and the NDA's strategy makers took almost two years later on to grab the exact chemistry behind the changeover in the smell….anyway, let those politicians mind their business…they have a lot these days indeed, we better look at some other think which are of our mutual interest.

Now, education is for all…every thing is reserved (thank to Aj ka Arjun)…no problem….just come and sit in the classroom if you wish....Kam Karo to Jugad Kam karo!

Student lifestyle is also in the cross road…

FU#$ING! ROCKING! lifestyle has been unbounded from engineering hostels to every nuke and corner of tire 1, 2, 3 cities…Every where funfood and fast track (Read out of track) lifestyle has become an important attribute of higher education. That is the Spirit of the times! Everybody is equal now…hu says that communism has no base in india??...OK! No politics….Sorry!

For India, this Olympics was exceptional too. Since independence this is the first summer Olympics where we have managed to grab 3 medals in three different events. Shooting, Boxing and wrestling are the buzz words in current Indian sport arena. Not liking these sports???!!!…ELACH KARA APNA!

The cricket crazy nation was little down (I used to think so…’used to’ mind it!) when Indian hockey team was disqualified for Beijing Olympics. But at the end of the summer events everybody is quite happy with the fact that we have successfully managed the 50th position in Beijing Olympics with one gold and two bronzes. The Beijing Olympics have truly been the Olympics of good hope. Men who already had striking performances, but were always on the outer circle of Indian sport have suddenly come in to the limelight.

Sport friendly ambiance and athlete nurturing system is always a distance dream for India. When all other participating countries start next Olympic strategy making from the very next day of closing ceremony, our fight on the question of transparency on the candidate selection keep going on for next three years or even longer. It is nothing but the personal positive forces which lead our Olympic stars towards their success. They have exhibited their sportsmanship while being a part of the system and making it friendly. Boxer Vijender Kumar who won a bronze in the middleweight category found the system not so bad stating that if the system was so bad, then they wouldn't have done well. Keeping this spirit up we hope that in the next summer Olympic we will perform much better. While our economy is being counted for next global power house we must try to give Indian sport a new age where nothing would be impossible….Yah! we should and we will no doubt…Statistically, just after Abhinav Bindra’s success Punjab, Haryana have experience a radical increase in the sales figure of gun!!!


*[God may give peace to the souls of those victims of Delhi’s bike shooter and save those endangered Black Deer ]