21 September 2008

Terror Past Se7en: is being in 3rd world another sin?

One week is over after Delhi serial blast. Two suspects and one officer are down. 25 families are silent in sorrow and lakhs are still panicked. I can recall the very next working day after the serial blast. It was Monday and normal life was a distance dream in the capital. In the morning when I stepped down from the bus I found a little different CP. Few more police and security personnel were standing here and there, new barricades, metal detectors and tensed faces were every corner. Street children with rose and other flowers in their hand were standing at crossing. They also seemed to reluctant to run after cars to catch some customers for their flowers. The day was cloudy and everything was looking very dull. As I approached towards my office at Caunght Lane through the market, I found the hawkers are in action. It helped me to relax to some extent when I found a few hawkers known to me by face are in same mood. They were calling customers like they are doing from their childhood days, some dull faced foreigners (white skinned people) were watching the merchandise from a distance and we office goers were rushing towards our office. One school going girl was pulling her mother and forcing her to walk in a zigzag manner. While walking through the market I was thinking that who is afraid of terror? Suddenly a sound came from somewhere… some birds start flying from nearby trees and buildings creating noise ….the girl hold her mother’s hand with a stiff fist. …Hawkers stopped their job and started looking here and there…everyone’s ear was trying to listen something…every eye was trying to locate the spiraling smoke in some corner nearby…all these reaction took place within some fraction of seconds…NO! It was not a bomb. A Sudden thunderclaps was the cause of the sound and as we all realized the truth we started breathing … hawkers started joking at each other as how panic the other person’s face was…one said that god is also making fun of us. I started walking normally again with the crowd and some sense of realization was bugging in my head…is it really our spirit which bringing us out of our home after the deadly blast or it is some kind of helplessness? Can we really do anything by staying apart from the blast sites…every soul is afraid of the blast from their inner side but reluctant to show that…every soul is ready to hold her mother’s hand with a stiff fist but not ready to accept that... we all are equally innocent and helpless in front of any similar terrorist attack…It is more of our economic status than spirit which pulling us out of our home. Every time any terror attack take places in 3rd world country everybody talks about spirit but when the same terror strikes some develop country world start calculating the effect of that in global economy and politics. Being a citizen of this 3rd world do we have any other option than showing our spirit? Suddenly my eyes went to the middle aged newspaper vendor sitting next to a pull of garbage. When I asked why he is sitting next to garbage he replied ‘’by escaping we can make our life safe not our livelihood.’’

06 September 2008

Cross-Road: The spirit of the times!

India has got the nod of NSG, the cry for trade is becoming louder gradually, and politicians are ready to shade some more agricultural land to have trade hub in their state. India is no doubt in a cross road. At the end point of NDA government last time same smell of feel good was there is the air which took no time to turnout into a foul smell…and the NDA's strategy makers took almost two years later on to grab the exact chemistry behind the changeover in the smell….anyway, let those politicians mind their business…they have a lot these days indeed, we better look at some other think which are of our mutual interest.

Now, education is for all…every thing is reserved (thank to Aj ka Arjun)…no problem….just come and sit in the classroom if you wish....Kam Karo to Jugad Kam karo!

Student lifestyle is also in the cross road…

FU#$ING! ROCKING! lifestyle has been unbounded from engineering hostels to every nuke and corner of tire 1, 2, 3 cities…Every where funfood and fast track (Read out of track) lifestyle has become an important attribute of higher education. That is the Spirit of the times! Everybody is equal now…hu says that communism has no base in india??...OK! No politics….Sorry!

For India, this Olympics was exceptional too. Since independence this is the first summer Olympics where we have managed to grab 3 medals in three different events. Shooting, Boxing and wrestling are the buzz words in current Indian sport arena. Not liking these sports???!!!…ELACH KARA APNA!

The cricket crazy nation was little down (I used to think so…’used to’ mind it!) when Indian hockey team was disqualified for Beijing Olympics. But at the end of the summer events everybody is quite happy with the fact that we have successfully managed the 50th position in Beijing Olympics with one gold and two bronzes. The Beijing Olympics have truly been the Olympics of good hope. Men who already had striking performances, but were always on the outer circle of Indian sport have suddenly come in to the limelight.

Sport friendly ambiance and athlete nurturing system is always a distance dream for India. When all other participating countries start next Olympic strategy making from the very next day of closing ceremony, our fight on the question of transparency on the candidate selection keep going on for next three years or even longer. It is nothing but the personal positive forces which lead our Olympic stars towards their success. They have exhibited their sportsmanship while being a part of the system and making it friendly. Boxer Vijender Kumar who won a bronze in the middleweight category found the system not so bad stating that if the system was so bad, then they wouldn't have done well. Keeping this spirit up we hope that in the next summer Olympic we will perform much better. While our economy is being counted for next global power house we must try to give Indian sport a new age where nothing would be impossible….Yah! we should and we will no doubt…Statistically, just after Abhinav Bindra’s success Punjab, Haryana have experience a radical increase in the sales figure of gun!!!


*[God may give peace to the souls of those victims of Delhi’s bike shooter and save those endangered Black Deer ]

23 August 2008

Banana Vendor: The Messenger of Sun

Creating something is always pleasant for mind and when my paint brushes kissed colors after almost 3 years it was like a treat for me....
Banana, most common fruit and its vendor is a common man too... to him...Delhi times is just another piece of paper ...olympic is another game and neuclear deal is another item listed under 'Pata nahi ' heading. How does these all matter to him?....he has lots of thing to do...he has to push his cart through narrow lanes.... he has to vend this fruits to every possible skinny children of dirty slums...he has to negotiate the price in evry turn of snake line lane...He is The Messenger of the SUN carrying its energy and warmth to evry dark cornner of the Earth.
Everyday he is minding his business with the same perfection and perseverance.

10 July 2008

Indo-US Nuclear Deal and Commred Pappu!!

Some people will never change…nobody can stop some of them from criticizing…Result? Harassment of innocent people. Take the example of our Pappu…the poor boy (Does age really matters?) has just managed to pass the exam and people are just celebrating the Pappu Pass ho Gya event ...these people are saying "Pappu can’t dance saala"…these people will never change...
These were the people, who were criticizing Pappu's party for joining UPA government from outside(!!!) and helping it to offer a perfect government to Indian ignorant….itz alright that those friends were very old enemies indeed …but it was all about perfection man…. Ignorant will never change… now they are crying foul as Pappu and his brothers has left the rights.
We, being active a members of Pappu fan club, gathered in front of their house and talked with his mother. His mother said…”Pappu my red(mere lal) is still as red as he was when he was with right company….in the entire journey he was in left side and that was the right side…he always wanted to give a perfect government and now perhaps he is in the process of reinforcing the perfect thing in the right place again. Now he is not with the right but still he is not wrong ….it may be the process of making things right…as with the absence of Pappu and his brothers capitalists and industrialists will get some place to breath and foreign investors will be encouraged to put money in the economy resulting a wake up call to the bull in Dalal Street….it will strengthen the right hand to fight against those GadaDharies…aant me jeet hamari hogi
“Where is Pappu now?” we asked her…’”he is practicing some dance….after all we need to give a right answer to these ignorant criticizers…we can’t go with those GadaDharies at all.”
Being very impressed we, all left, were leaving Pappu’s sweet home.

From Pappu’s room music was coming..Singh is King……’Singh is King’……’Singh is King'. Pappu is practicing dance…He should do…
After all practice makes man perfect.

12 June 2008

Who is in Stake? Arushi Talwar, Balaji Tele film or humanity??

Today, during lunch break we were talking with one of our journalist friends who have just joined our organization. Being a journalist since he was in class 11, he was enthusiastically talking about his second article which was about the evaporating humanity from our societal sphere. His story was evolving around two little boys one of them was begging for help in some highway as his mother was seriously ill and another boy was fighting in a running car with his father who did not stopped to help the first poor boy and his mother….
It was a really touching story and at the end we all agreed that humanity is surely endangered. Take the example of recent case of Arushi Talwar. We all wish to have a doctor in a family to ensure healthy living of the members….but in spite of being the only child of doctor parents Arushi’s life was not safe in her very own home….who killed her? How the killer reached to her?...everyday media is splashing light in the case from a different angle…. ‘Arushi has become a good source of business to these news papers and news channels…..these journalists are too much’- argued one of my architect colleagues. ‘Hmmm….the crime programs and news channels are getting good TRP these days …itz all about business sense…events keeps on happening….difference is that whether you can tap them or not…’ delivered on of us in a very light mood. Correct to some extent…no matter any news channel is covering the Arushi case or not…we hardly can deny the fact that we all have witnessed this unfortunate event. But what Balaji Telefilm is doing is just like another mishap. They have adopted Arushi murder case in their supper hit and lifebuoy type never ending TV serial “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki”. Though the Balaji authority is denying the fact after The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has issued a notice to them asking them not to make any adaptation of the Arushi Talwar murder case there are many clear evidences of the accused adaptation.

I have stolen one of these evidences from IBN Live’s site for you people. In the left hand, there is tthe piture of our real life victim of cruelty and the right hand picture is just an example of business sense, tapping the event. Please give a close look at the picture and think for a while that whether there is any adaptation or not…your thinking must not stop there…try to find any linking with the adaptation of the real case with reel representation, mainly the name of the serial…is this adaptation (if it is there) indicating the future occurrences of similar type of cruel events in our society? Is this adaptation indicating our decaying moral values and respect towards humanity? …I know the answers…we all know the answers... But still we try to find some good words to hide the truth…we keep saying some practical words to hide our face..like …”no body is safe in this world”…”you should stick to your means of living”….”we can not change the world”…or we just remain silent like the father of the second boy of the story of my dear friend.

20 May 2008

A Mole, his Mother and our finance ministry... :)

A MOLE, a creature blind from birth, used to live with his mother. Once he said to his Mother: "I am sure than I can see, Mother!"In the desire to prove to him his mistake, his Mother placed before him a few grains of Britannia Fruit Cake, and asked, "What is it?" The young Mole proudly said, "Ohh..common mom...it is an Alu Tikki Burger." Feeling very sorry, his Mother exclaimed: "My son, I am afraid that you are not only blind, but that you have lost your sense of smell. Now, only god knows how you will survive in this world.” The argument made by mother was pretty justified as one who has to rely on his sense of smell, has lost it and rather realizing that he is feeling proud that his eye sight is quite OK.

When, the inflation in Indian economy moves to 7.83%, in an indication that the price situation is going to get worse, the claim of calming down the inflation by our finance ministry reminds me nothing but the story of the poor mole. The northward movement of the inflation curve and Ministers' hope of its decrease soon, shows that they have lost control over the market and at the same time their power to predict the market movement is also gone! When the age old panaceas, like export ban and barring future trading denies to work to cool down inflation, ministry keeps spreading words of hope. This might be the result of unhealthy political pressure on them. As economy and politics is not a perfect match, let’s don’t talk about politics.

A good economic policy is always a bad politics. With the hope of a good politics, let’s give a look at the bad economic policy. These days every body knows that inflation is a direct function of market speculation some way and other. A speculation makes consumers doubtful about the future price and availability of the goods, forcing him/her to consume more and store for future (for personal use or business use). So, to control the inflation more consumption is discouraged. Good, but being a common man, when I see our government is making itself safe by banning export and future trading and making the food share for his country safe, I usually feel that there is nothing wrong if we purchase 20kgs of rice extra for next month. After all, to whom we should follow?

Now, when we are consuming 20kgs of rice extra, what should our servant do? It is that obvious he will try to have at least 5kgs safe for next month. The cycle dies not ends here….by seeing the increasing demand our shop keeper will try to hide some inventory for future profit….result?

Result is....


How? !!!???

Arrreeee…..these terrorist will pay high cost for food here and their disposable income will go down…so they will have less money to purchase bicycles and ball bearings….direct decrease in numbers of bombs…is not it?

13 May 2008

Few good men and some Traders of death

Uttar Pradesh:
"all line of this route are busy...please call after some time.....is route ke sare line e byast....bip..bip..bip..."
This is the 5th time Akash was trying to contact with his sister Meera who works in a shoping mall of India's Pink city...Jaipur. The anxious brother is facing the hardship of controlling his tears and his friends arehelplessly looking at each other...
"Five major blasts occurred in the crowded markets in the walled city area in Jaipur. The blasts occurred at 7:35 pm ..... The blasts took place in Tripolia Bazar where a Hanuman temple drew a large number of devotees, Manas Chowk, Badi Choupal, Choti Choupal and Johari Bazar......"

Himachal pradesh:
Retd. Col. Ramjilal, 64, busy with his plan which he is explaning to his elder sister, Anupama, who has lost her huband and two sons in different wars...to her all those war were same..saga of unsaid pain of a common rural woman. Ramjilal, an active member of India-Pakistan Soldiers’ Initiative for Peace (IPSI) team. They have successfully conducted their two-day meeting on Sunday last...there is confidence in air.... " we don't want women like you bear the agony of losing their dearest one...after all mothers are mothers ...and human are human ..we all are made by god....we common people are the losers of the big games ...we want to bring peace...after all we all are same...we share almost same culture...our language is same...then why should we fight with each other over little issues??" ...there was excitement, pain and care for humanities in Ramjilal's voice.

Jaipur, Rajasthan:
Md. Momin is in his home, it is not as usual as at this time of evening his address is the local club near to the Hanuman Mandir of near by market. "Ammi"...Momin whispers..." better you leave with Rehena to Abdul Chcha's place...Chacha has some political hold....here Rehena not safe....anytime communal riot can takeplace...anything can happen...''......."But, here... all know us...every body like us..itz our safest place....they will not attack us. will they?... we are not terrorist...our Abbu gave his life in 70's war for our country.....why should we hide in our mother land?"-Rehena asks....silence prevails....

Some undisclose place:
"Hello bro....we have bagged another consignment of bombs and hand AK47s....these are needed to deliver to XXXX on date....they are ready to pay premium as they want the same quality what our ex business partner has delivered....bro...it will be hectic this time...needed to bribe the people of both side...afterall itz our business..let those @#$#% fight with each other..damn $#%^$....Ha!Ha!Ha!"

09 May 2008


We all have seen the elephant headed lord Ganesha, the Hindu god of trade and business. When he was just a little boy, he was beheaded by his dad lord Shiva, off course by mistake. To compensate the mistake Ganesha’s human head was replaced by the head of a baby elephant. This is the happy ending of mythological explanation of Ganesha’s elephant head. Very few of us have ever asked about that baby elephant that lost his head due to mistake of a another person. If you are one of those very few naughty and unruly children, then I am 110% sure that the answer you got was very simple and some thing like…

“The elephant got moksha and went to heaven. It was a glory for him that his head is used to headed a God.”

History repeats itself….every body knows that but the phrase ‘Mythology repeats itself!’ is yet to be coined.
I felt the urgency to coin the phrase when I came across a comment of present USA president last week. He claimed that the upliftment of the Indian and Chinese middle class families has increased the demand causing worldwide food inflation and thus India and China, by consuming more causing the food inflation. So it is our, Indian and Chinese, responsibility (read Chance to glorify ourselves!!) to control the inflation by down sizing our regular consumption.
Food Inflation is the reincarnation of Food shortages which is the well known demand-supply phenomena responsible for many destructive socio- political situations and economic crisis. Presently Increasing price of the staples is creating a pricing firewall for poor people by limiting their access on these regular necessities. Recent riots for foods in different nation like Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Senegal has proved the destructive power of this new avatar, food inflation.

Inflation is a macro economic term meaning an increase in the general level of prices in an economy that is sustained over a period of time is measured for a basket of goods and services. Within the basket, prices of some of the goods and services may rise and prices of some of the goods and services may fall. When the overall price of the defined basket increases for longer time periods, it is called inflation.

In the past three years prices of the global food basket have increased about 83% on an average causing worldwide price hiking of the food items basically food grains. But, who is responsible for it? Is the claim of Mr. President correct?

The questions are yet to be answered by economists. For some economist it’s a cost-push inflation where goods are there as per the demand in the market but supply is discontinued somewhere in between, or the goods have been siphoned to some where else for some different purpose rather than usual use. While some are treating it as demand-pull inflation caused by too much money chasing few goods, direct result of changing lifestyle and increased disposable income. Let these scholars decide the way they want to define the scenario, meanwhile we try to look at ourselves....

Yes, our income has been increased. Yes we are changing our life style. Yes, we are chasing the six-pack abs by consuming more protein based foods. But are we alone? Answer is no. What ever we, Indian and Chinese are doing these days, are well practiced in developed economy like USA. Then, why should we only take steps to downsize the consumption? Sorry, No glorification required!
It is right that population of USA is very less with respect to Indian population. But, consider the fact that every household in USA have 3 pets on an average. These pets are well kept with costly processed foods which require more energy and time investments to produce. Considering these we hardly can say that consuming population of USA is very less with respect to us.

If we look closely at the issue, we will found that the cause side is crowded with reasons like decrease in overall wheat production due to global warming and changing climate, failure in the process in replacing wheat by corn in large extent and use of food grains in production of bio fuel. Global warming, climate change and bio fuel, the trinity behind the ongoing food inflation, are byproducts of western industrial evolution. Mistake was there, no precaution were taken to protect environment, there was no plan for sourcing raw materials for bio fuel, and when result is in front of everybody the shame less blame game really reminds the story of glorification of that unknown baby elephant.