23 August 2008

Banana Vendor: The Messenger of Sun

Creating something is always pleasant for mind and when my paint brushes kissed colors after almost 3 years it was like a treat for me....
Banana, most common fruit and its vendor is a common man too... to him...Delhi times is just another piece of paper ...olympic is another game and neuclear deal is another item listed under 'Pata nahi ' heading. How does these all matter to him?....he has lots of thing to do...he has to push his cart through narrow lanes.... he has to vend this fruits to every possible skinny children of dirty slums...he has to negotiate the price in evry turn of snake line lane...He is The Messenger of the SUN carrying its energy and warmth to evry dark cornner of the Earth.
Everyday he is minding his business with the same perfection and perseverance.