10 July 2008

Indo-US Nuclear Deal and Commred Pappu!!

Some people will never change…nobody can stop some of them from criticizing…Result? Harassment of innocent people. Take the example of our Pappu…the poor boy (Does age really matters?) has just managed to pass the exam and people are just celebrating the Pappu Pass ho Gya event ...these people are saying "Pappu can’t dance saala"…these people will never change...
These were the people, who were criticizing Pappu's party for joining UPA government from outside(!!!) and helping it to offer a perfect government to Indian ignorant….itz alright that those friends were very old enemies indeed …but it was all about perfection man…. Ignorant will never change… now they are crying foul as Pappu and his brothers has left the rights.
We, being active a members of Pappu fan club, gathered in front of their house and talked with his mother. His mother said…”Pappu my red(mere lal) is still as red as he was when he was with right company….in the entire journey he was in left side and that was the right side…he always wanted to give a perfect government and now perhaps he is in the process of reinforcing the perfect thing in the right place again. Now he is not with the right but still he is not wrong ….it may be the process of making things right…as with the absence of Pappu and his brothers capitalists and industrialists will get some place to breath and foreign investors will be encouraged to put money in the economy resulting a wake up call to the bull in Dalal Street….it will strengthen the right hand to fight against those GadaDharies…aant me jeet hamari hogi
“Where is Pappu now?” we asked her…’”he is practicing some dance….after all we need to give a right answer to these ignorant criticizers…we can’t go with those GadaDharies at all.”
Being very impressed we, all left, were leaving Pappu’s sweet home.

From Pappu’s room music was coming..Singh is King……’Singh is King’……’Singh is King'. Pappu is practicing dance…He should do…
After all practice makes man perfect.