03 February 2009

Global Economic Slowdown: The WAR is not OVER YET!


The Messenger of Nemesis said...

"Tesam Jnani Nityayukta Ekabhaktirvisisyate
Priyo Hi Jnanino'tyarthamaham Sa Ca Mama Priyah"

Out of the devotees(Read investors), there are some wise people who want something in return and the people who don't expect any fruit in return of the worship. God loves the people who don't expect anything in return as their love towards the god is true.

Eh Mai nahi Kahta hu...Eh to Geeta pe Likkha hai!

So,dont be so wise...stop thinking about return...keep investing and stop wearing shirts with short right sleeve.

keep consuming... keep investing ... this is the only messege from the almighty!


Keep visiting ;)

arunav said...

Newtons 3rd law also describes the same concept if u see,ur pictorial represntation is awesome..as well as the blog....keep writing !!!

AMIT said...

The picture is very good and u posted it well here.

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Anonymous said...

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The Messenger of Nemesis said...
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The Messenger of Nemesis said...

@ Anonymous
just to chk how many ppl really refer the link...
Amazingly i found as much as 50-60 ppl a day from that ref.so try to figure wat is the no of visit for that site itself?
these ppl spend so much time on online porn and with such an enthusiasm and they dont know that they are a part of huge business...revenue of wat may be responsible for girl trafficking, drug, terrorism...
BTW i would love to know ur identity if possible.